About Me

I am a qualified school teacher and professional equine and pet portrait artist. I have been drawing since I was a little girl – animals – and horses in particular – have always been my favourite subject. I enjoy drawing and painting horse and pet portraits for clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany and anywhere else in the world.
I started horseback-riding when I was seven years old and was given my first horse Kolbakur (Kolli) when I was 13. He was my friend for almost 17 years and I still miss him lots.

No horse or pony could ever replace my Icelandic friend.

I thoroughly enjoy creating artwork that touches people’s hearts. I know how much your pet means to you and will do my very best to draw a portrait for you that you will love to look at every day for years to come.

I live with my partner Neil and two little budgies in a small village in the South East of England.

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