Horse and Pony Portrait Gallery

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Horse portraits can be commissioned in  pastels, charcoal and watercolours. Please click on the gallery images to view examples of the different media.

Horse Portraits Pastel horse portraits watercolor Horse portrait gallery charcoal pencil

Horses have always meant a lot to me. I started drawing them when I was a little girl. There's something majestic and magical about them, something that touches my heart every time I see a horse. When I was seven, I was allowed to go horseback-riding every Saturday afternoon - my favourite day of the week! My first 'love' was a black Shetland pony mare called 'Rommy'. My own horse - an Icelandic gelding called 'Kolbakur' - came into my life when I was 13, thanks to my generous parents who had realised that I just NEEDED to have my own horse.
I have always loved horses and ponies, I have always wanted to be around them - and I thoroughly enjoy drawing them. If you'd like a portrait of your horse or pony, you've come to the right place - I know exactly how you feel about your equine friend. I am a pet portrait artist and an equine artist - I feel that being able to create equine portraits is a very special gift that I would like to share with other horse lovers.


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